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About us

Introducing ActivEV: A New Wave of Adventure

Premium Quality, Time-Tested Expertise

Bintelli™, a name synonymous with excellence in the electric vehicle industry, powers ActivEV. With years of experience, Bintelli brings forth a legacy of quality and innovation. ActivEV inherits this heritage, promising your customers the highest quality LSV in the market.

Distinctive, Yet Familiar

ActivEV is more than just an extension of a well-established brand. ActivEV is a brand in its own right, poised to build its unique voice and image. Your customers will experience the thrill of a cutting-edge product, and you, as a dealer, get to offer them something distinctive and exclusive.

A Singular Solution

In a market where options may seem overwhelming, ActivEV stands out as the best choice. We believe in quality, and our electric golf cart represents the epitome of innovation and design in its category.

Let’s shape the future together.

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